Company administration

International tax planning structures require professional expertise and constant awareness in order to comply with all local obligations, not only in relation to tax compliance but also all other required checks and procedures.


The success of the implementation of the necessary corporate structure often relies on the proper local knowledge. Our services aim to assure you that your company and other corporate structures daily matters operate smoothly avoiding common traps and pitfalls which may jeopardize the initially envisaged benefits. Our professional team integrated across our network of offices and desks, through a one stop shop, allows you swift communication with our multi-jurisdictional experts, no matter your time zone.

We provide a full range of comprehensive formation and administration services which are essential to international corporate structures, notably;

  • Legal and tax compliance;
  • Free trade zone company formations;
  • JV formations
  • Company administration;
  • Directors and secretarial services;
  • HR selection services;
  • Registered Offices and company premises;
  • Communications;
  • Audits can be arranged and assisted;