On October 31st, at the Palace of St. Clement, the current residence of the Consuls of Portugal in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), Dr. João Pedro Gomes, BSGG’s senior partner, gave a lecture on “Investing and Living in Portugal – a door to Europe”.

Before an audience that surpassed 210 people, subjects related to the business opportunities in the different sectors of the Portuguese economic activity, inherent tax benefits and questions about the residence in Portugal were approached.

The role of ValorSolutions / Madeira Fidúcia was also highlighted as an integral part of the CINM – Madeira International Business Center, in order to highlight the enormous potential of this center and its internationalization.

Ambassador Jaime Leitão, General Consul of Portugal in Rio de Janeiro, welcomed the conference initiative and was overjoyed about the Brazilian citizens’ interest on the living and business conditions that our country provides.

The conference was also lectured by Castro, Barros, Sobral, Gomes Advogados (Brazil), PLMJ Advogados (Portugal) and the real estate company Quintela & Penalva Associados (Portugal).