On March 22, 2023, at Quinta do Pinheiro, Braga, local representation of the Order of Certified Accountants, there was a conference regarding the “International Business Center of Madeira”.

The CEO of Valor Solutions/Madeira Fidúcia, Francisco Gonçalves Gomes, was one of the speakers at the conference.

At the conference, the reasons for the creation of the IBCM Regime, the role of the concessionaire (SDM), the taxation of the IBCM Regime and its its aplication within international taxation where discussed and analyzed. Also analyzed was the impact of the Central Registry of Effective Beneficiaries (RCBE).

It was further highlighted by Francisco Gonçalves Gomes in his speech, the advantages for entrepreneurs of moving their activity to Madeira, stressing that one of the most important advantages would be the benefit of the reduced IRC rate, the regime provided for in article 36º A of the Tax Benefits Statute, and also practical questions practices to the implementation of these companies.