VALOR SOLUTION’s core activity is the local management of our clients’ companies.

In order to free our client’s time to focus on more important matters (such as business development), we have developed an integrated pack of Corporate Support Services, to cover all administrative and compliance obligations associated with the management of a company:


First things first: creating a company is a very important step, where a lot of decisions are made that will have significant impact in the future.

At this stage we explain to our clients all the different alternatives, resulting in informed decisions, and consequently in companies structured to our client’s needs.

The incorporation of the company is followed by other steps where we also provide assistance, without which the company couldn’t operate, such as appointing an accountant, opening of local bank account, etc.

Finally, even though incorporating a company can be a burdensome process, we aim to make it as simple as possible for our clients, through powers of attorneys that enable us to go thorough most process on their behalf.


Some of our clients do not have the operational need of having their own offices, with all the costs associated.

VALOR SOLUTIONS is structured to provide registered office services, that include not only the registered office address, but also:

  • Secretarial and reception service;
  • Mail and correspondence sorting and forwarding service;
  • Filing and archiving services, for all mail and documentation received.

We have private and shared office cabinets, fully furnished, made available for our clients, and our client’s workers, with all the amenities, shared services and facilities necessary for an operational workplace.

Besides the furnished office space, our shared services include access to reception service, meeting room, access to printing machine, utility services, etc.


Here we provide all administrative and clerical duties necessary to support the client’s business, and to follow up with all the company’s local regulations and declarative obligations.

This can include a huge variety of duties, but typically it includes day-to-day administrative support, HR management, bank relationships management, managing the company’s deadlines for submission of tax returns, keeping the shareholder’s book updated, answering phones, giving customer support, organize files, prepare documents, etc.

All our client’s companies are allocated to a specific client manager, that will be the privileged contact point with VALOR SOLUTIONS, which will be personally responsible to give the administrative support to the client and company, and when necessary, relay to other departments of our company, such as tax, accounting, etc.

The administrative support needs of our client portfolio vary substantially, from sporadic and casuistic administrative support, to a more continuous and recurrent type of services. Consequently, we have this service as flexible as possible, to adjust it to our client’s needs.


We provide the optional service of local effective directorship for our clients’ companies. Business management services is the next step in outsourcing your company’s local management, to free as much as possible of our client’s valuable time from activities with little value added to its business development, so that they can focus on more important matters.

VALOR SOLUTIONS can provide the security of a local business manager, with experience in local regulations and compliance, with the support of a team specialized in the various fields.


Our accounting services are rendered by our accounting partners, supported by our tax specialists, and include not only the drafting of the annual financial statements, but also salary processing, and all annual mandatory compliance, such as annual tax returns, VAT returns, etc.

To make the management of the company as efficient as possible for our clients, the client manager allocated to that company will always be in contact with the company’s accountant, to reduce as much unnecessary communications with the client.

Finally, we have our associated accountants in the same office of our administrative staff, as we aim to offer our clients a one-stop-shop solution for their company’s management.


Legal services are rendered by our legal partners, also present both in Funchal and in Lisbon, with a multi-linguistic team of lawyers, that besides tax law, are also specialized on commercial and company law, and have more than 30 years of experience in giving support to foreign investors.


Our tax department besides giving support to our administrative department, in the day-to-day management of our client’s business activity, also provides independent tax consultancy, on all Portuguese tax fields.

The most common projects of work comprise of the following:
  • International Corporate restructuring;
  • Tax memorandums on both corporate taxes and individual’s taxation;
  • Tax due diligence on the acquisition of companies;
  • Tax due diligence on the acquisition of real estate;
  • Administrative litigation with tax authorities;
  • Assistance in our client’s personal annual tax compliance.


Moving into a new country, either yourself or just your business, can be an exasperating experience, while you adjust to a new reality.

VALOR SOLUTIONS has more than 30 years of experience in assisting foreign investors in Madeira, and in Portugal in general, and our team, together with our partners, is prepared to support the entire process of moving to and setting up in Portugal.

We are involved since the initial planning stage, to identify the client’s needs and priorities, the applicable tax/legal framework applicable, and any other relevant matter, to make this transition the smoothest possible.

In case of companies being relocated to Portugal, we provide all assistance necessary, including bank account relaying, HR recruitment, office space location, etc

In the case of individuals relocation, we also help in all the steps of the process, including the administrative formalities and services of immigration, namely visas, residence and work authorizations, the identification of the neighbourhood and real estate to buy or rent, and through our services and partners we can give support in all steps of the process.

Together with legal partners, we assist our clients with the bureaucratic process of immigration, namely residence authorizations (Golden Visa, Work Visa, etc), and residency registration with the local tax authorities. Our team is also experienced in the procedure of requesting the Non-Habitual Resident status.

We help with registration at the local authorities and assist with translation, certification and/or document legalization services, and on an annual basis, we also assist on the compliance with our client’s personal tax obligations in Portugal.


Madeira International Shipping and Yacht Registry (commonly designated “MAR”) is a highest quality international registry, details of which you can analyse here.

We provide full assistance in this registration and representation of ships and yachts, not only in MAR, but also on the national boat registry, including:

service specifications
  • Registration of pleasure yachts;
  • Registration of commercial yachts;
  • Registration of ships;
  • Legal representation of ships and yachts;
  • Certification of crewman.

Our registration services include a preliminary analysis to identify the type of registration most suited to the client’s needs, and the translation, legalization, certification of all documents to be submitted to MAR, in the context of registration procedure.


Quality maintenance and managing a Yacht can mean spending a lot of time, which some yacht owners cannot afford to do.

In our efforts to give a more integrated pack of services to our clients, we recently started providing full yacht management services, that include:

service specifications
  • Support in Yachts’ maintenance;
  • Skipper services;
  • Boat transportation services.

Since we are based in Portugal, we can only offer continuous yacht maintenance services in Portugal. However, we can provide oceanic yacht transportations, and international skipper services.

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